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Choose your pricing plan

  • Testers Program / Monthly Sponsorship.

    Every month
    Be the first to test run new releases along with receiving 1 random monthly free pack.
    • First dibs on new releases. (One 3pk)
    • One free random pack a month.
    • One FLG Wall Flag / Banner.
    • One custom FLG seed storage box.
    • Options to choose from Autoflower or Photoperiod.
    • Free Shipping & Handling!
  • Gold Membership / Stayin’ Faded Package.

    Every month
    The gold monthly membership has all same features as testers program but with more better features!
    • One 3pk(fems) or 6pk(regs) of your choice a month.
    • One Custom FLG seed storage box.
    • First dibs on 2 packs of new releases when they drop.
    • One FLG Wall Flag / Banner.
    • Option to choose from Autoflowers or Photoperiods.
    • Automatic entry to all FLG Grow Offs.
    • One FLG T-Shirt (email your size and if want a custom name.)
    • One random merch item a month.
    • Free Shipping & Handling!
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