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USA Based.

We are NOT a seed bank,

you deal with the breeders directly.


Novelty Items & Souvenirs!

Buy one 3pk get one free 3p
k on all Photoperiods!

All packs contain at least 1-2+ extra seeds per pack!

Subscribe to the site an get to keep up to date with new releases, deals, an what’s in the making!


All Photoperiods come
with extra freebies that's not 
available in the shop!

Choking S'mores (F) -

(Choking Hazard x Burnt S'mores.)


Frozay Kush (F)(Relentless Genetics) -

(Gelato x Rozay.)


Wizards Breath (F) - 

(Frozay Kush x Burnt S'mores.)


Cherry Cordial S'mores (F) -

(Cherry Punch x Stardawg IX x Burnt S'mores.)

Banana Apple Crumble (F) -

(Apples & Bananas x Burnt S'mores.)

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Free Shipping and Handling!


Free full packs of 3 seeds as our freebie deals, get 1 free 3 pack just for making order purchase!

$50+ on purchase receive

a free 3 pack!

$100+ on purchase receive

2 free 3 packs!

$150+ on purchase receive

3 free 3 packs plus 1 free 6 pack!

$200+ on purchase receive

3 free 3 packs plus 1 free 6 pack!

$300+ on purchase receive

4 free 3 packs, 1 free 6 pack, and a random merch item!

Also is a currency converter at the top of the page.



Get rewarded points for each order and can be used unlock rewards!

(Must be subscribed and logged in when ordering so points go to account.)


The Best Local Novelty Seeds.

Seeds are strictly for novelty and souvenir purposes, to preserve the plant species, or for collection purposes only. Germination or cultivation of the seeds is strictly limited to the localities and countries in which it is legal to do so. FadedLeafGeneticsLLC accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY for any use that does not comply with local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

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