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New Grape 🍇 Menu Coming Soon!

Gorilla Grape Punch Auto -( Grape Crinkle Auto x Gorilla Punch Auto.)
Fizzy Grape Soda Auto - ( Grape Crinkle Auto x Cherry Soda Auto.)
Faded Grape Auto - ( Faded Black Auto x Grape Crinkle Auto.)
Jacked Up Grape Auto - ( Poisoned Jack Auto x Grape Crinkle Auto.)
White Grape Juice Auto - ( Grape Crinkle Auto x Great White Shark Auto.)


Check out the new deal! Buy 1 get 1 on all available 3 packs!

Whatever 3 pack is selected you’ll receive an additional 3 pack at Random.



The Best Local Novelty Seeds.

Seeds are strictly for novelty and souvenir purposes, to preserve the plant species, or for collection purposes only. Germination or cultivation of the seeds is strictly limited to the localities and countries in which it is legal to do so. FadedLeafGeneticsLLC accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY for any use that does not comply with local, state, and federal laws and regulations.